Upgrade to a new air conditioner this spring by calling Channell Heating & Cooling for a free in-home estimate.

As we start to exit winter and enter spring, many homeowners find themselves embarking on spring cleaning and upgrades in their homes. If you have an aging air conditioner, one of the best things you can do to prepare for the summer ahead is have Channell Heating & Cooling install a new air conditioner. When you upgrade to a new air conditioner, you’ll save money, have a more reliable cooling system, and get better indoor air quality.

Call the team at Channell for a free in-home estimate on a new air conditioner here in South Central Mississippi. We’re proud to install both Carrier and Trane systems in Hazlehurst, Brandon, Madison, and beyond.

Get those sweet savings

There’s nothing like having more money in your pocket, and spending a little extra now to replace an aging air conditioning unit will help do that down the road. Depending on how old your current unit is and the areas that require cooling, an up-to-date system will be far more efficient than models even just ten years older. Plus, you put off expensive repairs that an older unit might need when a newer system won’t require maintenance for some time.

Breathe easier

While most people think that AC units are meant for cooling off their homes, they forget it has to blow air through your ductwork to do it. With a new air conditioner, you increase the air quality inside the area substantially. Variable speed motors found on most conventional designs help regulate airflow, giving you a breath of fresh air continuously. As an added bonus, these fans are generally much quieter, too.

Save energy, save money

The standards of today require that most appliances be far more energy efficient than in the past, including air conditioners. This increased performance will not only save you money but will be much safer regarding the environment. Energy Star™ certified Carrier and Trane air conditioners can drastically reduce your summertime energy bills, meaning more money is in your pocket for your next vacation.

Make the change

There are so many reasons why you should make the switch to a new air conditioner. An upgrade to a new air conditioner can save you money, give you peace of mind, and help improve your indoor air quality. To learn more about upgrading to a new Carrier or Trane system, contact our team at Channell Heating & Cooling.