A heat pump is a heat transporter that pushes heat into a controlled space. Most heat pumps have two primary components: an outdoor unit (similar to that of a central air conditioner), and an indoor air handler. There are a few indications of a heat pump not working, including consistently cold air.

The main difference between a heat pump and a gas furnace is the way they each create heat. While a gas furnace burns fuel to create heat, a heat pump uses electricity to push heat from one area to another. There must be enough heat present in one area for a heat pump to work.

As a result of this difference, a heat pump is often more energy-efficient than a gas furnace. However, it’s best used in moderate climates because it redistributes heat instead of creating it.

How can you recognize common heat pump problems?

There are a few signs of a heat pump not heating that you should look for if your house doesn’t feel warm. They include:

  • Strange smells or noises coming from the pump
  • Diminished airflow
  • Skyrocketing energy bills
  • Excess moisture leaking from the unit
  • Short cycling (switching on and off too frequently)
  • Unit blows cold air instead of warm air

In addition to these signs, if your heat pump constantly requires repairs, it may be time to replace it. It’s normal for pumps to require occasional repairs and maintenance, but if you’re constantly spending money to fix it up, replacing the entire pump may be a more economical decision.

What are the common causes of heat pump problems?

There are a variety of things that can cause problems with your heat pump. A few of the most common underlying issues include:

  • Incorrect thermostat calibration
  • Faulty valves
  • Clogged air filters
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Temperatures too frigid for the heat pump to draw outside heat energy inside

Fortunately, most of these issues are easy to correct. Incorrect thermostat calibration can be corrected by checking the thermostat’s accuracy, cleaning the inside as needed, straightening the mercury vial, and tightening the calibration screw.

If the valves of your heat pump are faulty, call our team. We can come check out the problem and replace your valves as needed.

Clogged air filters are another easy problem to fix. Simply change the filter on a regular basis and you shouldn’t run into this problem. Alternatively, you can call us and we’ll change your air filters in minimal time.

In the case of low refrigerant levels, it’s best to call the professionals. Adding freon to your own heat pump can be extremely dangerous unless you really know what you’re doing.

Finally, if temperatures are too cold outside for your heat pump to draw energy into your home, there is little you can do until the weather warms up. This situation is rare in Louisiana, but if it happens, consider heating your home with electrical or gas space heaters in the short term.

What can you do about heat pump problems?

Short answer: call us. The professionals at Channell Heating & Cooling have the tools, equipment, and expertise necessary to get the job done correctly, safely, and quickly.Contact our team with your questions and service needs here in Hazlehurst and South Central Mississippi.