You want your heater and air conditioner working perfectly at all times. In the middle of summer or winter, it’s the most important part of your home. That is why you want to schedule routine maintenance with an experienced, NATE-certified professional to be sure your system only gets the best care.

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You can trust the service

There are numerous HVAC companies out there vying for your business. They all say they are the best, so you need to make sure you find the one that actually is. An HVAC company that truly cares about its commitment to quality will ensure all of its technicians have been certified through the North American Technician Excellence test.

This is a program that has certified thousands of contractors and technicians, ensuring they have the knowledge and experience necessary to work on HVAC systems. You can be confident you are getting stellar service when working with certified HVAC techs. They have gone through additional training, so before you hire anyone to work on your home, you should ask about NATE certification.

A technician can increase your home’s energy efficiency

Have your HVAC tech inspect the system at least once a year to make sure everything is working as it should. Over time, certain components can start to wear out. This will make the system work harder than it needs to, resulting in higher electricity bills.

NATE-certified technicians have received extensive training to know how to make HVAC systems run more efficiently. When you hire one, you receive much more than just a tune-up. You get someone who is dedicated to lowering your energy usage and bills, so you end up saving money in the long run.

You receive proper installation from the start

When you need an entirely new HVAC unit installed in your home, you only want to trust the work quality of a certified tech. These technicians have all the knowledge necessary to ensure a proper fit and can even recommend an ideal unit to install in your home. If you hire someone with less knowledge, then you could save on the installation costs, but you will end up paying for it in the future.

A professional with NATE certification will also make sure the unit you install provides energy-efficient savings. Additionally, the technician can adjust the settings to make it operate properly depending on the season. Everything will be taken care of for you, so you have less on your plate.

You benefit in numerous other ways

This is only the beginning. With a NATE-certified tech, you can also be confident your HVAC system is safe to use for you and your family. It will not decrease your indoor air quality and lead to respiratory issues. All of the installation and maintenance gets done right the first time, so you can be confident when you turn it on.

Ultimately, this certification makes the technician a valuable resource for all of your HVAC questions. Instead of calling the company to have the technician come back out to fix something that went wrong, you can contact the contractor to learn important skills, such as changing an air filter on your own. You have guidance, and that is invaluable.

Do not leave your HVAC maintenance up to chance. Contact our team at Channell Heating & Cooling to get expert cooling and heating service promptly. With our help, you know all of your HVAC repairs will be done right the first time.