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7 Tips for Home Energy Efficiency

February 16, 2022 | Blog

Modern technologies have brought so much good into our homes. By keeping our rooms temperate, speeding up household chores and maintaining excellent indoor air quality, our HVAC systems and other appliances help us lead safer, more efficient lives.

However, with every positive comes a negative. Overreliance or abuse of these technologies hurts both our planet and bank accounts. If you’re hoping to spend less on utilities and stay eco-friendly, Channell Heating & Cooling will propose energy-saving solutions based on your unique circumstances.

You can also embrace energy-efficient heating and cooling by following these simple tips:

Match Your Thermostat to the Outdoors

Contrary to popular belief, keeping your home at the same temperature all day isn’t saving any energy. Instead, you should aim to keep your indoor temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as you’re comfortable with.

By matching the conditions outdoors, your heating and cooling system is doing less work, which translates into less wasted energy.

Consider Installing a Smart Thermostat

Building off of the previous tip, it’s easiest to match exterior temperatures when you aren’t home. However, you probably don’t have a chance to fiddle with the thermostat when you’re rushing out the door each morning.

For this reason, many families are transitioning to smart thermostats, which allow you to manage your system from your phone. Provided it’s financially realistic, the switch to smart technology can facilitate responsible temperature management from afar.

Skip the Space Heater

When winter rolls around, it’s important to practice responsible heating. Some homeowners falsely believe a space heater or fireplace requires less energy than their furnace.

On the contrary, while a space heater is harmless in the short term, constant use will result in an alarmingly costly electric bill.

Replace Old AC Units

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, old air conditioning units can consume up to 40% more energy than modern models. Therefore, if your cooling system is 10 or more years old, it’s time to think about upgrading.

If you aren’t sure where to start, contact our team for personalized AC installation recommendations.

Switch to Ductless AC

When considering how to improve or replace your current cooling system, research ductless AC options. As you’d suspect, rather than relying on an elaborate web of pathways, these systems pump chilled air directly into your home.

By limiting the travel time of cooled air, ductless options yield numerous benefits like reduced energy use, cheaper utility bills and fewer repairs.

Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Preventative maintenance is arguably the easiest way to achieve energy efficiency. Semiannual tune-ups are integral to proper HVAC maintenance.

During these appointments, a technician will ensure your system is wasting as little energy as possible. Plus, the technician can catch any damages before they result in a complete breakdown.

Swap Out Air Filters

During your two annual tune-ups, an HVAC professional will swap out your air filters. However, you should be replacing them far more often than that. Clogged filters hinder proper air circulation, meaning your system has to expend more energy simply pushing air into your home.

Aim to switch filters every 90 days (or every 60 days if you have a shedding pet).

Your Team for Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Keeping up with all of these practices may feel overwhelming. Luckily, the team at Channell Heating & Cooling can guide you through the transition to eco-friendly living. Our array of services covers preventative maintenance, HVAC repairs and new AC installation.

Request a service appointment today to start saving energy and money.

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