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Does My AC Need Repair?

August 17, 2022 | Blog

ACs help homeowners remain comfortable year-round. However, what happens when systems begin malfunctioning? Problems with noise, smell and humidity should be considered the equivalent of AC warning bells.

Help prevent further problems from occurring by understanding the signs that indicate the need for air conditioner repair. To give homeowners some advice, Channell Heating & Cooling has compiled a list of signs that indicate repair or Hazlehurst air conditioning replacement is needed.

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Services

Weak or Warm Airflow

If there’s little to no airflow coming from your vents, you could have problems with your compressor or air ducts. What does this mean though? Well, air won’t circulate properly, meaning your home won’t cool as it should.

An AC that blows hot air? No thanks – this is one of the most obvious signs that system repair is needed. Hot air could be caused by problems such as faulty compressors, low refrigerant levels or ducts pulling air from outside or the attic.

Thankfully, either situation is an easy fix: call an HVAC technician to evaluate and repair the system.

Foul Odors

Air conditioning odors can make heat appear more tolerable than enduring them. Additionally, they’re a clear indicator that you need professional repairs.

Musty smells often indicate that, thanks to increased humidity, there’s mold or mildew somewhere in your system. When the system’s on, spores are blown and spread around your home, possibly causing sickness. Smell something burning? Then there’s probably a problem with the electrical wiring or insulation.

Unusual Sounds

If you hear clicking from the outdoor unit when it’s running, there’s probably a small blockage in the fan. Turn it off, inspect the fan and remove anything it could be striking. Similarly, clanging or banging could mean the fan’s hitting something, part of it’s loose or there’s a larger obstruction.

But what if you hear clicking and the unit won’t turn on? Call the professionals: this probably means that one or more air conditioner components have electrical problems.

Metal-on-metal screeching is caused by the fan motor bearings going outside of the unit…not a phantom! Often, this will require fan replacement.

Squealing indicates fan belt problems. Nothing to worry about right? Wrong: damaged belts can break, leaving you with no AC. Get this problem fixed ASAP to prevent future repair or replacement.

High-pitched hissing or screaming from the compressor indicates dangerous pressure levels. Check your system for an emergency shut-off switch and turn it off until help arrives.

Faulty Thermostat

Acting as the boss, the thermostat controls which components function when and constantly measures and reevaluates these instructions. That being said, problems with your AC, including not turning on and only running for small periods, might be your thermostat’s fault. A sure sign your AC needs repair, malfunctioning thermostats may need to be replaced entirely to make sure your system runs properly.

Frequent Air Conditioner Repairs

One or two AC repairs are common. However, if you’ve had to repair multiple components lately, you might want to consider AC replacement. While such scenarios aren’t fun, it’s insensible to continue getting repairs that’ll only prolong your system’s life for a few months. Not sure about the state of your system? Call your technician and ask them what they think is best.

Moisture Leaks

Condensation could be one reason behind moisture leaks in or around your system. However, buildup or odd color means this isn’t the case. Poisonous refrigerant leaks, for instance, are the most serious type of leak you can experience. Another type of leak, condensate, is indicated by a blocked or broken drain line.

For either leak, or signs of them, call for repair services immediately.

Utility Costs

If there’s an unexpected rise in your power bill, your AC systems efficiency could be dropping. High bills could mean problems within the ductwork or thermostat or that your unit is reaching the end of its life. While costs normally rise during warmer months, ask your HVAC technician for assistance if they don’t line up with how much you’re using your system.


A good life expectancy for your unit is typically 10 years. However, if your unit is approaching or past this, you might want to consider buying a new unit. While expensive, a new system will function much more efficiently, making the price worth it. Bonus; higher efficiency means saving money on utility costs and fewer repairs!

Need An AC Repair, Hazlehurst?

Air conditioners are complex and require a lot of properly functioning components that could end up needing repairs. While this might sound terrifying, don’t let it deter from the comfort that ACs can bring! Watch for the early warning signs that you’ll need air conditioner repair to save money and avoid further problems later on.

Need more advice? Contact Channell Heating & Cooling today for any AC repair or maintenance concerns you have.

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