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Why Does My Home Feel Humid?

October 26, 2023 | Blog

The summer season in the south brings about both wonderful and uncomfortable things in the region. While there are fun times such as barbeques and family vacations, the heat can bring some unnecessary issues into your home. The worst of these issues, other than the blazing sun, is humidity.

The last thing a homeowner wants is for their home to feel as humid and sticky as it does outside. Channell Heating & Cooling is here to help address the unwanted mugginess in your residence! Read ahead to learn why you’re experiencing indoor humidity issues and what you can do to combat it.

How To Tell If You Have Humidity Issues

With a properly working air conditioner, homes will be cold during the hot summers and warm during the cold winters. When your air conditioner isn’t effectively cooling your home, your residence may feel muggy and uncomfortable. Condensation may form on your windows, and your wallpaper may begin to peel.

These are indicators that something is wrong with your HVAC system. When you become aware of this problem, the first question that likely comes to mind is how to stop it.

What Causes a Home to Feel Humid?

To better combat home humidity, it’s helpful to be aware of what causes this uncomfortable issue. Understanding what factors affect moisture levels will help you determine when to contact our experts for assistance.

Air Conditioner Issues

AC troubles can be the most probable cause of muggy issues in your home and can cause mugginess to increase indoors. When there are problems with indoor moisture, there might be an issue with the evaporator coils in your unit, which regulate the moisture levels in your home.


When you have too many people in your home, say for a party or family get-together, it can cause your AC unit to overwork itself. The system may try to cool down the house while also dispersing humidity within the home.

Overcrowding can also cause the unit to break down. As it overworks itself, it can no longer manage to regulate the mugginess in your home until the crowd has migrated outside or dispersed entirely.

Cooking Inside

Many homeowners opt to cook meals themselves in an effort to save money. However, steaming vegetables or boiling water on the stove can cause the moisture levels to rise in your house. Shower steam can also cause issues with moisture levels in the home. If these factors affect indoor comfort, you should contact our experts to evaluate your cooling system.

Outside Humidity Levels

Southern areas experience some of the most intense muggy temperatures during warmer times of the year. When this happens, humidity levels are at an all-time high, which can lead to outdoor discomfort and even heat exhaustion. When the outdoor conditions affect your home, it may be a sign that you need to modify your current cooling system.

At-Home Solutions

Now that we’ve gone over some common reasons why your home is more humid than normal, how can you combat these issues on your own before contacting a professional? There are a few easy solutions to regulate moisture in your home.

Regularly Clean Your Air Conditioner

When you have an issue with your AC unit, the best way to handle problems is to regularly dust and monitor the system. Cleaning will help prevent your evaporator coil from malfunctioning and reduce the risk of other problems with the system.

However, if this is an ongoing issue, please book an appointment with Channell Heating & Cooling as soon as possible to receive a consultation and determine a solution to your problem.

Avoid Overcrowding

This solution for an overcrowding issue is rather simple, try to avoid having too many people in your home at once. Make sure to consult our team if you want to upgrade your cooling system to help it withstand overcrowded homes.

Maintain Adequate Ventilation

The best at-home remedy for indoor mugginess is to maintain a well-ventilated home. Having your ductwork cleaned can improve the air circulation indoors. Keep the windows open, even if it’s a crack, while cooking to allow outdoor air into the house and naturally circulate steam out of the area.

Another at-home remedy is to utilize the exhaust fan above the stove. This tool can help condensation disperse naturally when you’re cooking, a task that produces a lot of steam.

How Humidifiers And Dehumidifiers Can Help Your Home

There is no definite way to predict the levels of humidity outdoors nor how to prevent it from entering your home. However, a humidifier or dehumidifier can help regulate indoor moisture during summer and winter.


A humidifier is commonly used during the winter to help reduce cold and dry air in a home. These devices can also help ensure that when condensation leaves a location, the residence is not structurally affected as well.


A dehumidifier is most commonly used during the summertime when humidity levels peak or go beyond a certain percentage. It can also help with seasonal allergy issues and rids a home of moisture that could cause an increase in pests.

Improving Your Hazlehurst Indoor Air Quality

Moisture issues are uncomfortable and can cause multiple problems in your home. Luckily, our team has solutions to boost your home’s indoor air quality! If you need help with your household comfort, make sure to reach out to Channell Heating & Cooling for those in Hazlehurst, MS, and other surrounding areas.

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